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Why contact a Trustee Authorized in Insolvency?

An Authorized Insolvency Trustee (AIT) is a professional whose main function is to help companies or individuals resolve their debt problems. Its activities and fees are regulated by the federal government. What are the reasons for requesting its services?

Les avantages de faire appel à un Syndic Autorisé en Insolvabilité

·      Le SAI propose plusieurs solutions pour se libérer des dettes

At times, you may feel overwhelmed by your debts. An IAS has the knowledge and skills to assess your situation and provide expert advice on your options for recovery. He also informs and accompanies you in the event that you are obliged to file a consumer proposal or declare bankruptcy.

·      Les activités du SAI sont règlementées et supervisées

IAS operations are regulated by the federal government and are continuously supervised by the OSB or Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. Therefore, this professional must respect strict rules and norms in carrying out his work, notably those mentioned in the Code of Ethics for Trustees. The cost of benefits is lower

The activities of the Licensed Insolvency Trustee are regulated by the federal government and the cost of its services is governed by law. The first consultation with an IAS is free in most cases (this is the case for us).

·      Le SAI négocie avec les créanciers

If necessary, the Insolvency Trustee negotiates directly with the creditors, on behalf of the debtor, in order to define new payment terms for a consumer proposal for example.

Faites appel à nous pour régler vos problèmes d’endettement !

Are you looking for a Trustee Authorized in Insolvency to get out of your debt problems? We will be happy to propose effective solutions and to accompany you in their realization, whether you are an individual employee or a self-employed worker. Thorough, competent and serious, we are ready to do everything we can to make your life easier.

Notre méthode de travail

Our work method has been specially established to guarantee a quality service that meets your expectations. We tell you more:

  • Nous commençons par nous entretenir avec vous pour prendre connaissance de votre situation et l’analyser en profondeur afin de pouvoir trouver les solutions adéquates.

After a complete evaluation of your file, we inform you of the solutions available to you to get out of your debts: declaration of bankruptcy, consumer proposals, voluntary deposit, refusal of an insolvent estate, debt consolidation

Finally, we provide you with valuable financial advice to avoid future recurrences. We teach you how to manage your budget to avoid huge debts. Do not hesitate to contact us to request our services or to obtain additional information.

Que ce soit de revoir votre budget, d’identifier des biens que vous pourriez vendre pour vous sortir de l’endettement, de négocier des nouveaux termes de paiements avec vos créanciers ou déposer une proposition de consommateur, voire vous aider à repartir à zéro en considérant la faillite, nous vous aiderons à y voir clair. Nous vous recommanderons la meilleure solution pour vous, en toute confiance et en toute confidentialité.

À lire par la suite

Nos appels et rencontres sont 100% confidentiels et une consultation n'affecte pas votre cote de crédit.