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The impact of back-to-school expenses on the family budget

Back to school is usually a difficult time for families. Indeed, expenditure is rising considerably. The situation is further complicated by global inflation. And yet, it’s an unmissable and very important event, for young and old alike. Let’s take a look at the impact of back-to-school expenses on the family budget.

How to improve your situation during the next school year

Here’s an overview of what to expect at the start of the new school year:

  • Les fournitures ;
  • Les manuels scolaires ;
  • L’habillement ;
  • Les frais de scolarité ;
  • L’inscription aux activités extrascolaires et à la cantine ;
  • Les accessoires.

Added to this are vacation expenses and the usual bills to pay. In other words, expenditure increases considerably over this period. And the family budget is greatly affected. While some households manage with a few restrictions, others unfortunately end up in debt. They find themselves obliged to take out loans to cover all their expenses.

Our advice to make this period less financially burdensome

Here are a few tips to limit back-to-school expenses.

Compare the prices

The cost of school supplies varies from store to store. So take the time to compare prices before you buy. In addition, some establishments offer back-to-school promotions. Others offer discount coupons. Find out more about these offers and make the most of them. You’ll see that your expenses will be significantly lower.

To recycle

Recycling is also a good way to reduce back-to-school expenses. For example, binders can be reused if they are still in good condition. The same goes for the kits. But also for other supplies like scissors or even crayons.

In a sibling family, the youngest child can use the older child’s books. Exchanges with other students are also possible. In addition, many parents choose to buy second-hand items. They are less expensive. You can even resell last year’s bargains to build up your funds. In short, the options are numerous.

Prepare in advance

We advise you to prepare yourself to make going back to school less of a burden. For example, start putting money aside every month for next year. Do the same for your vacations. So limit unnecessary spending around the start of the school year.

How can we help you ?

We can help you in the following cases:

  • Vous vous retrouvez dans l’incapacité de payer votre loyer. Ou encore votre compte de Vidéotron, Bell et Hydro-Québec. Notamment, car vous avez dépensé votre budget en fournitures et frais de scolarité.
  • Vous n’avez plus les moyens de rembourser vos dettes.
  • Vos revenus ont baissé à cause d’une situation médicale ou familiale particulière. Pourtant, vous devez assumer les dépenses de la rentrée.

So don’t hesitate to contact us if you find yourself in one of these situations. Our experts are here to help you. Following an exploratory meeting, they will issue a diagnosis of your case. Then, they’ll work out the right solutions for you and support you throughout the process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Que ce soit de revoir votre budget, d’identifier des biens que vous pourriez vendre pour vous sortir de l’endettement, de négocier des nouveaux termes de paiements avec vos créanciers ou déposer une proposition de consommateur, voire vous aider à repartir à zéro en considérant la faillite, nous vous aiderons à y voir clair. Nous vous recommanderons la meilleure solution pour vous, en toute confiance et en toute confidentialité.

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